What can a mobile appraiser from Appraisal Reports and Services, LLC do for you?

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Need an appraisal immediately? We've embraced mobile technology because we know the public wants their services to be performed using the latest technology. Using the latest devices allows us to perform jobs efficient and more accurately than ever before.

Traditional appraising involves going to the location and collecting massive amounts of data including an accurate sketch using paper, pen, tape measure, and clipboard. From there, you still have to manually input that data into the computer at your office, which can lead to inaccuracies. Many appraisers still use this error-prone, time-consuming method today.

Since all of our data is recorded on a mobile device, we simply sync it to the cloud and pull down the information into our forms back at the office. This is a streamlined process, giving us more time to focus on analysis and less on data entry. Ultimately it cuts down on the time it takes to get the final report to you.

Got a question and need an answer quick? At Appraisal Reports and Services, LLC, we will be in contact at all times with data right at our finger tips.

We're able to effortlessly sync data from our office in Appraisal Reports and Services, LLC to the appraisers on the jobsite. Through the syncing process, that data is pulled from the office allowing us to have instant access to data. New information can then be gathered, making the information up-to-date. With the use of laser measurers, we are able to collect pinpoint measurements with our devices.

As a perk, we're also always ready to answer questions when you call or e-mail. Mobile appraising makes us much more efficient and provides us the forms and data we need at all times so we can concentrate on appraising.